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We provide solutions for the daily lives of our customers by offering them variety and convenience for different lifestyles and times of day. In 2022, we expanded our capacities to new categories such as hummus, dry labneh, pita bread, goat cheese, among others, with the acquisition of the companies Interdeli and Deli, Dips & Snacks through the Herdez Del Fuerte company – for $587 million pesos.

These companies own the LIBANIUS®, FLAVEUR®, LIGURIA® brands, which are pioneers in the production and marketing of ready-to-eat Lebanese products. They also own brands such as SEÑOR CACTUS® and ROMANDIE®.

Acquisition for
$587 million pesos.


In the Preserve’ Segment, sales grew 20.8% to $25,343 Million Pesos. In spite of the economic challenges faced, consumption in Mexico remained solid. This allowed us to gain market share in the main categories of our portfolio, especially in mayonnaise, pasta, tomato puree, and canned vegetables. All channels had double digit growth, exceeding the average of the institutional channel, price clubs, and wholesale.

  • Herdez® in the United Kingdom

    We entered the international cuisine market with the launch of Herdez products in this country. In association with our partner McCormick & Company, Inc., we took to European households the most iconic items of Mexican food through food kits, salsas, and condiments under the Herdez® brand.

    With this launch, we reaffirm our position as renowned ambassadors of Mexican cuisine. In less than a year, we obtained a 5.5% share in the shelves of the Tesco supermarket chain.

    Herdez® in the United Kingdom
  • McCormick®, Del Fuerte®, and Herdez®

    Included in the Kantar “The 50 most chosen brands in Mexico” list

    McCormick®, Del Fuerte®, and Herdez®
  • Grupo Herdez, supplier of the year

    Preferred Supplier of the Year by the Asociación Nacional de Abarroteros Mayoristas (ANAM)

    Supplier of the Year by Sam’s Club Mexico

    Grupo Herdez, supplier of the year


    Sales from the Impulse segment showed growth of 19.7% to $3,917 Million pesos. Net sales for the year show the normalization of post-pandemic operations, and price increases implemented in the past twelve months. Additionally, at Helados Nestlé®, the traditional channel shows a recovery trend.


    • Relaunch of Mega® ice-cream bar

      For the purpose of having a platform of innovative chocolate experiences, we relaunched the Mega® brand with two products: Mega® Almond and Mega® Brownie. This way, we were able to revamp the brand image and its portfolio while at the same time connecting with Mexican millennial consumers through an experience of pleasure and indulgence.

      In the fourth quarter of 2022, Mega positioned itself as the highest-selling brand from the Helados Nestle® portfolio. The project generated such an impact on communication and market share growth that Nestlé® Global designated it a “Best Practice” to  replicate it in other international markets.
      Relaunch of Mega® ice-cream bar
    • Chilim Balam®

      We consolidated the integration of Chilim Balam® to our retail brands, as the leading brand in the snacks segment. With 25 years in the Mexican market, it offers more than 500 quality products and a unique in-store experience, with a great variety of candy, beverages, and snacks. It provides customers with the opportunity to create and combine products to satisfy any type of craving, designing their own combinations and prepared foods


      Chilim Balam®
    • Cielito Querido Café®: Sabores que Suenan (Flavors that Sound)

      Sabores que Suenan was a campaign that challenged the limits of innovation in the Cielito Querido Café® portfolio. In collaboration with Chef Gaby Ruiz, we created a series of beverages and foods inspired by Mexican singer-songwriters songs..

      In addition to capturing the interest of millennial consumers in Mexico, Sabores que Suenan served to increase the visibility of Mexican artists in the music industry, maintaining the purpose of the Talentos Caidos del Cielo (2021) campaign, and establishingCielito Querido Café® as a brand that offers disruptive experiences to its clients.

      This campaign increased the value of innovation in the Cielito Querido Café® portfolio to10%

      Cielito Querido Café®: Sabores que Suenan (Flavors that Sound)


      The net sales of MegaMex totaled $16,337 Million pesos. In spite of the challenges resulting from increases in the prices of avocado and logistics costs in the United States, the Herdez brand has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing brands in the retail channel in the United States.

      • HERDEZ® Avocado Dip

        • We entered the dip market in the US with our new HERDEZ® avocado dip, providing a new experience to our customers, to enjoy with chips and vegetables or as a delicious complement for any food.

          In the United States, the dip category represented more than $875 million dollars in sales, and it is consumed by almost 50 million buyers a year.
        HERDEZ® Avocado Dip

        Our Brands in Mexico

        Our Brands in the US

        Distribution Agreements


        We work under a culture of innovation based on identifying and addressing the needs of our customers, the market, and the industry. Through our Innovation department, we capitalize on trends and unsatisfied needs of our customers to generate specific products and communication that promote growth throughout our categories.


        • Herdez® Toasted Salsas (Tatemadas)

          • We live our Mexican pride with the new toasted and mashed (martajadas) salsas. Toasting causes an ingredient to reach the point of burning to be able to better concentrate its flavor and make it spicier, and the mashing process causes the consistency to not be fully liquid.

          Herdez® Toasted Salsas (Tatemadas)
        • McCormick® Balance: Buenas Noches Tea and Marmalade with Seeds

          We continue with an ideal combination to enter a state of relaxation; and we take marmalades to a whole new experience by adding superfruit seeds.

          McCormick® Balance: Buenas Noches Tea and Marmalade with Seeds
        • McCormick® Seasonings

          We continue to encourage and inspire people to cook, by making every day cooking easy.

          We introduced the new Mexican flavors Pastor, Mojo de Ajo, and Pibil.

          Our most important product is the McCormick 12 oz Buffalo Wings Dressing with which people can get this spectacular American Buffalo Wing flavor.

          McCormick® Seasonings
        • Yemina® Fiber

          Yemina® is the pasta that for decades has served to provide energy to Mexican households, therefore, we are the preferred pasta of those who wish to feed their family in the most delicious and nutritious way.

          Yemina® Fiber

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